Part IV: Dear Boys

Dear Lukas and Ezra,

I love you more than I love life itself. You both have been huge blessings to my life. I am so very grateful to be your “Momma”. I’m not perfect but I try my best every single day to be the best mother I can be but I failed you both tremendously this year. 


I am so sorry. One of my jobs is to protect you and that includes who I allow in our lives. I made a mistake but I hope how I corrected is what’s most important. I thought of you both with every reaction and held my head high. I am proud and hope you both will be as well. Right now you both are too young but know I will always be honest. I will never hide the truth in fear history will repeat. You both will be better. 

You both will always be my babies but I will not baby you. I will always love you but I will not turn a blind eye when you’re wrong. I will always stand beside you but I will not make excuses for you. I will lead by example in my character and faith. 

Sweet boys, don’t fall into the worlds trap of telling you to be less of a man than you are. Stand tall and be strong. It matters how you treat others. It matters how well you love others. Respect, honesty, integrity, and faith matter. If I don’t do anything else as a mother, I want you to know that. I love you both more than you will ever know.