Fall in love with your hair!

Fall is here! (Even though it still feels like summer.) Just like skin, hair needs different things during different seasons. Hair tends to be dryer during the color and a lot of people choose to go darker in the winter but even if you’re blonde 365 these three tips will still come in handy!

  1. Invest in a color safe shampoo. I’m not trying to sell you a brand or telling you to get the most expensive shampoo you can find BUT that five dollar shampoo you picked up on your last Walmart run is not going to cut it, haha. Fortunately for us there are TONS of affordable brands that actually care what we use on our bodies.

  2. Don’t forget your ends! Summer is harsh on them and even an half of inch to an inch can make you feel like you have a new head of hair.

  3. Keep your skin tone in mind. Don’t pick a color or tone just because someone else looks great in it. Cool AND warm tones are beautiful! Look for someone with a similar skin tone or just ask your stylist!

Those are three easy tips to remember as the weather cools off! Happy Hair!