Being a new stylist can be super challenging because most stylist start with zero clients. I have had my license for less than three months and I have thirty or more clients. My goal for my first year is 100 clients! I constantly revisit my goals to make sure I am challenging myself. In order to have a steady income, my long term goal is 200-250 clients! 

1. BUILD YOUR BRAND. Who are you? Do you have a specialty? If so, what is it? This determines the type of clients you are going to attract so BE YOURSELF! At first I was trying to duplicate other successful stylist and it wasn't organic. As soon as I started being myself, BOOM! I started attracting the clients that are PERFECT for me which makes my job easier and more enjoyable. 

2. STAY RELEVANT. BEST advice I've ever received. Post your work. Even if people don't respond, they are seeing your work and when it is time for a hair appointment, your name will instantly pop up in their mind! I can't tell you how many people have messaged/texted me because of seeing my posts. Social Media is IMPORTANT. 

3. GET INVOLVED. GO. TO. EVERYTHING. I am constantly searching for local events and ways I can be involved in my community. I am currently working on some amazing projects and super pumped to give back and build a community within local hair stylist. 

4. REFERALS. This is a big one. I personally didn't want to go the discount or Groupon route because I think it takes away value BUT with a referral you are rewarding your clients for bringing in new clients! Its mutually beneficial and after all a referral is the highest form of a compliment. 

And to piggy back on referrals, I also offered FREE blowouts. I know it sounds crazy and I just said I didn't do discounts but hear me out. What better way to get someone in your chair and talk about their hair? I always include a mini lesson so they can learn to style their hair and we can brainstorm for a future appointment. 

5. BUSINESS CARDS. CARRY THEM WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. I have already gone through 200 + business cards. I have fun with it and order a different one each time. I make sure they're unique and won't get "lost in the crowd." My favorite place to order is It's super easy to use, tons of designs and most importantly affordable! 

6. MAKE A PLAN. Write down your goals. Put it into the universe. It's something about writing it down and seeing your progress that keeps you motivated. I write down weekly, monthly, and yearly goals then revisit them often to stay on track. 

These are all simple things that have made a huge difference for me while I'm still trying to build my book. Get creative and add your own spin! I'd love to hear what has worked for you! 


Shaina Ramsey