Finding a salon home is a hard task and it took me a few tries to figure out where my home was so I thought I'd share some things I learned along the way.


I've had the pleasure of working at three great (and very different) salons but being a great salon doesn't automatically make it right for YOU. Here are six things that helped me decide. 

1. Schedule. What are their hours? When are you expected to be there? How hard is it to take off? 

2. Marketing. What does the marketing look like? How do you want to market yourself and does it align with the salon? Are there limitations on your marketing strategy? 

3. Location. How far is your commute? From home? From your kid(s) school? 

4. Education. Do they offer education in house? If not do they offer reimbursement? Are you willing to pay for education yourself? 

5. Product Line. What product line do they carry? Whats important to you in a product line? What price point do you want for the products? 

6. Culture. How do the employees treat each other? How does the management treat their employees? What is the overall feel of the salon? (upbeat, quiet, somewhere in between?)

When I finally sat down and wrote down what I wanted and needed in a salon, I ended up writing these six things. I needed a flexible schedule. I knew this one would be hard and most new stylist don't get this but I had to make it happen. Flexibility allows me to be present for Lukas and to travel.  I needed a salon that didn't limit me on being me. A place where I could market myself side by side with the salon while also having my own identity. I needed somewhere close to my home and Lukas' school so I could be there for him and also not spend my life in my car. I needed continued education and freedom to take classes on my own as well. I wanted a product line my clients could afford. And last but definitely not least, was a loving culture. A culture where everyone worked hard and helped each other. A place that truly felt like home. After all we spend so much of our lives at work. Shouldn't it be somewhere we enjoy to be? 

Shaina Ramsey