TOP 10 Marketing Must Haves for Stylists

When I first started school I thought I would start marketing myself after school but quickly changed my mind after Dare to Dream 2016. Why wait?! I decided to start building my brand NOW! Here are a mixture of apps recommended at Dare to Dream and a few random things thrown in I've found along the way! 


1. Instagram//Repost/Followers: Two words. Online portfolio. It gives a snippet into who you are as a stylist and person. The repost app makes it super easy to share things you love and also give credit where it's due! And the follower app is great to keep track of your account activity. 

TIPS: *Seperate your private and professional, a little mystery is better sometimes AND try switching to a business Instagram. It made it super easy to see your growth and more details on who is following your account.  

2. Facetune: It will be the best thing you've ever bought in the Apple Store. Just trust me. Your clients will thank you as well. 

3. Quik: An amazing video app made by go pro but FREE. Which is budget friendly especially for us building clientele. 

4. Hyperlapse: What's better than the end result? The process! 

5. Word Swag: This is a great tool to add words or quotes to pictures. You can search for any background or pull directly from your pictures. Endless possibilities! 

6. Canva: This is a newbie for me and leads into #7. is an amazing site that can help you build endless options of media including business cards and resumes! Super easy! 

7. Resume & Business Cards: MUST HAVES. You can't get much more professional than a resume and I can't tell you how many people were impressed that I had business cards. Have fun with it and let both represent who you are! 

8. Boomerang: A super cute way to break up the monotony of picture after picture. I'm obsessed with this app. 

9. Pinterest aka the forgotten. Pinterest has over 100 million weekly users! Add a pin button to your website and introduce your work to the world by pinning your work! 

10. Professional Email: It's last BUT boy is it important! I cringe when I hear people ramble off their first email from middle school. (Ex: illovepuppiesandjustinbeiber438) It takes two seconds and makes the world of difference!

 I was lucky enough to have these tips shared with me and I wanted to pass it along! 

Best advice I have is to find what works best for you!  



Shaina Ramsey