Garden Crispy Tenders: Review

I have crossed over to the green side... again. I have always been so iffy about "fake" meat, even that sentence gave me chills. Despite my fears I decided to give Gardein Crispy tenders a chance. DELICIOUS. I'm most impressed at the texture. The texture is almost identical to real chicken especially if you bake it just a tad longer than the instructions say. You can eat them by themselves with dipping sauce or so many different ways. My top three favorite ways to eat them are in a wrap, on a salad, and cut up in stir fry with sauce. The last one is probably my favorite. They are even kid approved with my five year old son. That was the real test. My only "complaint' if I had to pick one was that they aren't great heated back up as leftovers which is to be expected. Other than that, they are amazing and have become a staple in my household. I recently purchased some of Gardein's other products and I'm looking forward to trying them out! Y'all will be the first to know! 



Where can you find them? Whole Foods, Earthfare and get this WALMART just started carrying this line and it's about two dollars cheaper! 

Shaina Ramsey