How To: Dry Shampoo

Hi! Shaina, here! 

When I'm not at the salon you can find me at Kyle House Fitness. Kyle House Fitness is exclusive KHF high intensity interval workout program designed to burn calories, increase mobility, and build muscle by combining cardio, weights and yoga. And just like any workout, it can leave your hair looking less than perfect. Well dry shampoo to the rescue! Check out how to apply that dry shampoo correctly below and my top dry shampoo picks HERE

Dry shampoo is a miracle in a bottle, especially after your high intensity workout. You should leave a good workout feeling good and looking good and our resident beauty expert Shaina Ramsey has Chattanooga covered with a quick fix to your post-workout hair-emergencies.  

If you’re already cutting it close on time to workout and barely have time to shower, dry shampoo can save your life. Besides saving time, dry shampoo eliminates odor, adds volume, conserves hair color, and adds texture
Shaina Ramsey