Hairstylist Etiquette 101

When it comes to clients, I count myself extremely lucky to have some of the best clients in THE WORLD. I mean that with all my heart. I gave up so much to pursue my dream of being a professional hair and makeup artist so I don't take my clients for granted. I wouldn't be able to do what I love without them. Unfortunately not every client is a dream and here are six easy things to do to ensure you will never be the nightmare. 


1. Be On Time. This one is a BIGGIE. I've worked in the salon industry for almost the last four years of my life from the receptionist to assistant to stylist so I've heard every excuse. Be honest and no matter how "short" or "easy" you think your appointment is, remember that there are appointments after you and you can literally ruin an entire day's schedule. Things happen and always call if you're going to be late that way your hairstylist can prepare or reschedule if needed. 

2. Cancelling. Short on money? Emergency? Or simply just change your mind? Guess what? It's OKAY. Life happens and things change ALL the time. Please respect someone else enough to let them know as soon as you do. Hairstylist are used to changes and being flexible but remember they have planned around and for you so be courteous. 

3. Know What You Want. PLEASE. It's extremely hard trying to guess what it is in your head and make sure you leave out feeling amazing when no ones knows what you want. Pictures are fantastic and even several pictures can help narrow down what you truly want or don't want because that helps too.

4. Be Realistic. That picture on Pinterest of that silver blonde probably took four sessions and that fashion color is more than likely photoshopped. Don't come in expecting a miracle but be ready for a process when it comes to the those trends you see. I promise you they didn't happen overnight. 

5. Let him/her do their job. "Are you sure that's the right order?" or "I didn't know you can use foils on balayage, is that right?" Believe it or not, your stylist has spent thousands in education, hours of training and studying. If you trust your stylist, just enjoy being pampered and leave all the technical decisions to him/her! They'll appreciate it more than you know. 

6. Be Kind. I think sometimes clients are so focused on what they want and how they want it that they forget that their stylist is an actual person. A person with feelings, a person that has sacrificed and worked hard to be in their field and most importantly a person that is giving their time to YOU. 


Be beautiful from the inside, out! Happy Hair! 

Shaina Ramsey